• William Neel Mayo Jr


We are Super Excited about this Saturdays grab and go event at Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio! In order to protect everyone from Covid-19, we are offering our first Grab and Go Event! We are doing what we always do with a little twist and surprise! We are offering all of the scents that we always do according to our five scent categories! Sweet, Fruity, Earthy, floral and manly. This time we are offering them to you pre-packed and ready to go! We realize that this is a bit of a change for everyone and that everyone is a bit weary about things now understandably. We are taking all precautions necessary in order to make sure that we get you the hottest kandles on the planet as safely as possible! Those of you that know me, know that I am slightly OCD.... Washing my hands and alphabetizing are for whatever reason two of my favorite hobbies.... Anyways, come check out our new grab and go and see if you like this new process. It is quick, efficient, exciting, inexpensive and safe!

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