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New Braunswicks and Funderful things on the horizon

So, as many of you know, due to many unforeseen factors, we decided to shut our storefront on San Antonio St. down. Between water bubbling up from the store floor to lighting never working correctly, to my first blog on our webpage being nothing but doom and gloom. We have SO much cool stuff to look forward to between weddings, farmers markets, hiring awesome people, new products, new scents, that it isn't even funny! So here goes. With summer around the corner and the heat getting to product etc. that won't get us down. We will have options for all of you. Our product is being made at the house and we will be able to have it ready in New Braunfels and surrounding areas during the week should you need it as always. Feel free to contact us directly at all times. There is a minimum order of $50 but we will deliver directly to you free of charge ASAP. Our masons are $11 each and 3/$30 and

our tarts are 5$ or 5/$22. In addition we have hired amazing new people to work for us including Kenzie Geffen who is amazingly dependable as well as Zack Alcock who will be working with us consistently at all the area farmers markets below. We are always hiring as our markets continue to grow and we can always use the help! So feel free to contact me directly! In addition, if you find a farmers market that you would like to work contact us and we can see if that will work with our existing markets so we can get you rolling! Below I am listing the available farmers markets that we are either in and or we may be a part of should your schedule permit. The majority of the Markets Fall on Saturdays, if you are able to find a market outside of Saturdays, that is what we are looking for as we do not have enough product to provide for another market during that time period. So to those of you that are interested in potentially working with us part time, I am listing a few of the many weekly options available to us. We usually rotate everyone through them if we are allowed into the market and if the market is decent we continue to do it, otherwise it isn't worth our time of course and we go elsewhere. Feel free to contact us and let us know if any of them work for you. This is all assuming that we are able to get in with the market manager.


We are currently in and will always be in the New Braunfels farmers Market. Sat 9-1

We are Currently in Heubner Oaks Farmers Market and have been since the beginning. 9-2

We are currently in Macnamara's farmers Market in New Braunfels 9-3

We are currently in 4 City Market in Schertz on Thursdays- 10-2 I will work that if we do, due to scheduling.

Garden Ridge Farmers Market is available on Saturdays 9-1 We are about to enter this market rotation. If you are looking for a job, this will be in the rotation of them as well.

There are at least 10 others to chose from mainly in the San Antonio as well as San Marcos area that happen either weekly and or monthly! What I have listed above are what we are in and or will be in weekly. FIND SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN AND OR ARE WILLING TO WORK MONDAY-FRIDAY AND OR SUNDAY AND YOU ARE IN. NOT SATURDAY. I will provide the product and the training. I pay awesome base + Commission! Contact me directly (830)221-5716 or

I said there was a wedding.... Ok, I did something I swore I would never do again. After my divorce, a quick loser move to Seguin with a real winner, I am marrying the woman that I should have been with from the beginning. Stephanie Greene, is my best friend, she is an amazing mother to my children and something that all of us have needed for a long time for the structure and love that we deserve. 9/30 is the date, particulars are her department. We've both been there done that, should be pretty low key.


AWESOME NEW SCENTS ARE ON THE WAY ON MASONS AND CLAMSHELLS! Come see us at New Braunfels, Heubner Oaks, Macnamara Farmers Markets every week every Saturday!

Blue Agave Melon- Sweet Melon and Valencia Orange linger in a fresh air breeze with notes of apple blossom and white woods.

Sweet Grace- Green citrusy, fresh top notes with floral middle notes of rose, jasmine and lily enhanced by long lasting woody, musky, earthy, amber and sweet cotton candy type bottom notes.

Flower Bomb- Top notes of Calabrian Bergamot and crushed green tea leaves with mid notes of Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia rose, pink freesia, and red poppy on a dry base of nube musk, wild patchouli, and Mysore sandalwood.

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