• William Neel Mayo Jr

We finally did it! The swirl Technique is here to stay!

Yes! We finally did it! The swirl technique is here to stay! After 100s of Trials we finally had our big AHA moment..... Trace..... What is trace.... I wont go into detail. Simply put... the thickness of our soap. Our 2 colors above have to be a certain “trace” in order for them to be able to swirl like this without mixing and turning into an entirely different color all together. We got both colors to a pudding consistency and swirled them into beauty..... at least we hope so.... I’m pretty sure we are good. We will be cutting them this morning and I will post some pics. Follow my blog and or Funderkandles LLC in Facebook and you can be the first to know. Knowing me.... I like to produce in quantity.... I’ll make 5 more loaves of this stuff today. If you want some of this or have any requests give Funderkandles LLC a shout 830-221-5716 “Embrace the wonder of the Funder!”

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